Cybersecurity Bi-weekly Roundup: Week of 3rd October

A bi-weekly roundup of the latest cybersecurity news, research, and awareness

To kick start the Cybersecurity Awareness month, we’ve got you covered till the weekend about all the nitty-gritty in the world of cybersecurity awareness!

1. Coinbase says at least 6,000 customers had funds stolen from their accounts in phishing attack

This time even 2FA (2 Factor authentication) didn’t work, threat actors were successful in draining wallets of near about 6000 coinbase customers. Coinbase recently talked about a large-scale phishing attack that took place in the month of April and May this year. Although the company is still skeptical about how the hacker got access to so many customers’ credentials, the company also claimed that the information was not been pushed out from (within) the company. Coinbase managed to restore the accounts and said they tried to reimburse the money that customers lost.

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2. Fraudulent website URL is being shared in the name of Tata group’s 150th anniversary contest

Fraudsters are celebrating Tata Group’s 150th anniversary 3 years late. A post that was surfacing on the internet a few days back claimed that Tata Group on their 150th anniversary is gifting away cars, but the question remains the same “Is Tata really conducting an event?” Threat actors need to do the math well as Tata was established in 1868. Tata group ran a post saying #fakenotsafe to make people aware that they don’t click or/and forward the links to others.

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3. Three kinds of phish: the best phishing campaigns and how to avoid falling for them

Phishing is such a repetitive term and still, we fall for it even when we take all possible steps. As we move ahead with awareness this month, here is a reiteration for you on how and what to do to not fall. Phishing campaigns usually play with emotions and lure them into doing something irresistible, phishing campaigns either threaten you to do something and instill fear or simply provide a scintillating thing if you click that one link. Training people is important but they should never misjudge a non-threat to a threat.

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4. Four Tips To Keep Your Company From Being The Next Hacker Headline

Everyone wants to make it to the headline but to a headline that says “You were hacked”, I doubt that but never say never. We all have seen a drastic shift in the excessive use of the internet and an exponential increase in the threats. Phishing was one of the threats that were known earlier but now the list is endless. A company’s weak points play a significant role in all these attacks and with the evolving ways, hackers try their best to find the weakest of weakest lose points to make it to your parameter. To provide you with some methods that can protect your company from making it to a negative headline.

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5. 5 ways to protect yourself against Pharming attacks! Is your system vigilant enough?

Cybersecurity can never be a secondary thing to talk about, it is always a base ingredient and the first step if you are logging on the internet. Many of us feel that we are perspicacious enough and we can’t be tricked but wait that is not true, big company giants after n number of security layers are being attacked and their data is being stolen, so you really need to be sure of what you do on the internet, here are few tips that you can read over a cup of coffee(wine) and protect yourself from potential threats, because prevention is better than cure can be an old saying but never too old to implement.

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6. Apple Pay with Visa Hacked to Make Payments via Locked iPhones

Looks like Hogwarts is no more hypothetical as magic can happen within your iPhones, researchers lately demystify that if you feel your phone is locked and is safe voila! it is no more. Visa claims that this kind of attack is only possible in Lab and not in practical life but Apple says the security concerns of customers can be real. Visa says that it is still safe to use Visa in “Express Transit” Mode, but the researchers are concerned about the lost iPhones.

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7. Facebook Outage Drags Down Instagram, WhatsApp, Messenger, Oculus VR

The 404 error, and meme outrage. While Facebook and its subsidiaries were down, people were enjoying memes. It was not just the outside people who were affected but also employees who were unable to walk in perimeter to do their work. Researchers have cited issues relating to BGP for this downtime.

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8. DMARC Deployment Guide: 6 easy steps

As we move towards the end of the Newsletter, we are focusing this month on making you aware of every security layer you need to know and DMARC is one such layer. DMARC can be a complex thing but it is an important security layer that many people avoid. DMARC can give your brand a considerable level of immunity from these malicious indictments, we are here to explain why you need to deploy DMARC today! Ready to dive deeper and understand cybersecurity this month.

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