Cybersecurity Bi-weekly Roundup: Week of 24th July 2021

A bi-weekly roundup of the latest cybersecurity news and research.

Halfway down the week and we’ve got you covered till the weekend on the what’s and nots in the world of cybersecurity.

Without any further ado, let’s talk about the most talked about topic of the town – OLYMPICS.

As much as we all love to see and vouch for our favorites. Phishers seem to be equally interested in it. With warning alarms lingering on the front door Japan is on the verge to strike back with more than 220 trained “ethical hackers” in hopes to create a more cyber-secure Tokyo 2020. The reason being the FBI report that clearly stated – Olympics could be targeted by any number of possible attacks, including distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks, ransomware, social engineering, phishing campaigns, or insider threats.


NPM Package Steals Passwords via Chrome’s Account-Recovery Tool

Another vast software supply-chain attack, the password-stealer is filching credentials from Chrome on Windows systems via ChromePass. It’s been said that the credentials-stealing code bomb that uses legitimate password-recovery tools in Google’s Chrome web browser has been found lurking in the ends.


Malware Makers Using ‘Exotic’ Programming Languages

Diving into deeper pools, with holidays around the corner, Malwares are turning exotic, with the increasing use of rarely spotted programming languages such as Go, Rust, Nim and DLang in order to create new tools and to hinder analysis, researchers have found.


Hopefully, no such holiday is waiting ahead for anyone.

Microsoft brings Safe Links phishing protection feature to Teams

Having said that, Microsoft seems to be badgering the bush for making our lives easier with their newest feature that facilitates organizations to protect their users from malicious phishing attacks. At the point when a user clicks a URL in Teams, Safe Links administration checks the URL to guarantee that the connection is protected with the most recent insight from Microsoft Defender.


Google releases privacy and performance updates in Chrome browser

With similar intentions, Google seems to be topping the race of service by announcing new protections for Enhanced Safe Browsing tool and also shares 5 ways to keep accounts secure beyond passwords.


No cyber breach in NIC email system, Parliament told

With that note, happy news continues to shower through NIC which runs the official email service for the government, comments over last week’s event stating that the compromised emails event which took place last week, were blocked immediately and no breach or loss of data was reported.


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