Cybersecurity Bi-weekly Roundup: Week of 9th August 2021

A bi-weekly roundup of the latest cybersecurity news and research.

Halfway down the week and we’ve got you covered till the weekend on the what’s and nots in the world of cyber security.

Androids and iPhones let loose cause it’s Google to the rescue!!!

As Google drops Bluetooth Titan Security Keys in favor of NFC versions. It’ll be discontinuing the Bluetooth Titan Security Key to focus on security keys with Near Field Communication (NFC) functionality. Paired with the Advanced Protection Program and its industry-leading automatic protections, the Titan Security Key remains one of the best ways to keep your Google Account safe.


World Health Organization CISO suggests a holistic approach to cybersecurity

To our luck apparently WHO seems to be equally intrigued in cyber security as it is for the hunger. Flavio Aggio, CISO at the World Health Organization spoke at Cyber Week 2021 in Tel Aviv, and in this interview with Help Net Security, talked about the modern threat landscape and gives guidance to organizations hoping to further develop their security posture.


Iranian Group Used Android Backdoor

With time changing and self-invite to the porch becoming mundane, Iranian advanced persistent threat group seems to have deployed an Android backdoor. Which is said to be used to ex filtrate sensitive information from at least 20 reformists in Iran in the run up to the country’s June 18 presidential election.


Scammers targeting Gumtree sellers with WhatsApp, phishing

As sneaky as these phishers can be apparently selling something online has also started appearing to make you a target and lob your way. They lean on a local flavored approach where scammer attempted to push the idea they had already paid through this site, and that they were in lock down in Dubbo and couldn’t come and pick it up.


Warning!! AI writes better fraud messages than humans

From visuals to now developing artificial intelligence, the hustle of sanity seems to have left the room. With the advancement in artificial intelligence techniques used in natural language processing has gotten researchers around all worried, as they can be used to transform fraudulent email content in high quality. This has raised worry that scammers will depend on in future artificial intelligence methods, alongside administrations accessible at low costs that could assist them with making deceitful messages. Clearing rock pits for all.


WhatsApp users’ money and identity under attack; How to stay safe

Recent analysis of Jefferson Parish’s financial records performed by a Certified Public Account revealed that a cyber crime against the Parish resulted in the loss of thousands of dollars. To be precise according to the office of the Louisiana Legislative Auditor, an independent auditor revealed that Jefferson Parish officials reported a total of $3,037 misappropriated funds. Talk about having a bad day!


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