The TIKAJ's Business Continuity Management (BCM) application enables you to execute and manage an effective business continuity and disaster recovery (DR) program.

It provides a flexible, integrated, and automated platform to meet BCM needs from business continuity planning and risk assessments, to disaster tracking, and recovery action initiation and management.

Facilitates proactive planning for crises responses, periodic testing of recovery procedures, and rapid recovery from disruptive incidents affecting business operations.

Business Continuity Management application enables organizations to implement and manage effective business continuity plans, thereby facilitating seamless recovery from business interruptions.

Helps in establishing a consistent BCM plan across organizational functions.

It includes emergency mass notification capabilities as well as mobile capabilities that provide both online and offline access to plans and crisis reports.

Business Continuity Management application provides coverage for BCM frameworks and standards such as ISO 22301 .

Our Continuumer Application includes

The TIKAJ's BCM application leverages maintains a hierarchical structure of an organization, including their objectives, and the relationships between processes, sub-processes, and dependent assets.
The application supports qualitative and quantitative assessments of business continuity risks for key processes and assets
The BCM application triggers Business Impact Analysis (BIA) surveys to identify critical assets and processes; enables automated and cumulative criticality scoring; and supports business process modeling to map RTO / RPO / MTPD dependencies.
The BCM application gives you a systematic approach to business continuity planning. It helps you define recovery paths and timelines using Gantt charts. It also provides a virtual playground to test recovery scenarios, and perform exercises
The BCM application provides a comprehensive plan-exercising methodology that ensures all continuity and recovery plans are visually tracked using Gantt charts, and are thoroughly rehearsed and tested for relevance. All the test results are mapped with related applications and stored in a centralized register.
The application contains powerful workflows to declare, report, and track a crisis to closure. Recovery steps can be tracked across owners and locations, and consolidated reports can be generated. In the event of a crisis, the application tracks risk profiles and control ownership, monitors assessment plans, and records the remediation status on real-time graphical charts.
The application enables you to create and manage emergency call trees and user distribution lists, as well as emergency notification templates.
The BCM application is built keeping in mind the issues faced of updating documentations. A single change is reflected across all relevant documentations.
The BCM application is shipped with 20 BCM awareness info graphics and more can be ordered. A testing module is included to test users awareness of Business continuity processes in the organization.


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