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Various add-ons for the information security awareness platform

  • Push messaging

    This module will allow you to set up your own private messaging server like Whatsapp and will give the administrator control of the number of messages to be sent in an hour, day, week etc. The client on the users phone is also custom brandable.

  • Email tracking

    Track the emails sent to the users or consumers to get analytics on when the email was opened to ensure that the user has taken action of the delivered email. This is a great feature to also learn of the popularity of your Information security awareness program.

  • Spear Phish users

    Create spear phishing attacks with a few clicks on your users / customers so as to impart trainings by attacking them as in a "real world" scenario.

  • Deterrent Trainer

    Use our outlook plugin to deter a user to send an email unless he or she answers the awareness question. This feature can be enabled / disabled by the admin, the questions and the frequency of the question to a user is also controllable via the admin interface.

Modern User interface

It's a known fact that a good interface would help in user engagement. We provide many options of modern interfaces that would provide your users a modern, clean, easy to use interface.

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Custom Branding

The portal is "your" portal and thus the branding should be yours. We offer complete control of the portal in your hands to change as you like to meet your branding needs.

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Rich content

Content is everything. We create the content specifically for you depending on your business and the environment it operates under. Difficult concepts are presented as infographics, videographics, posters, screen savers etc.. You can also request content for any specific topic that we have missed out on, but we doubt that as we cover all topics relating to information security.

Our guarantee is that all content is exclusive only for your organization.

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Targeted Awareness For Different Users

All users are not the same and thus we have curated content for different roles. We offer content for Regular internal users, IT team members, Developer team members, and Consumers. The IT team gets only the content relevant to their “environment”, like the best practices, whitepapers, MBSS etc.

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Removing the pain out of the policies

A known fact - user do not read the policies. We have developed an interesting way to ensure the key messages of the policies are effectively delivered to the user.

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Measure Training Effectiveness

It's rightly said that what we can't measure we cant control, thus we provide a testing system which can be used to create, conduct tests within your organization and analytics to measure effectiveness.

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Push Messages to users

Use the portal to push messages by integrating Whatsapp like platform to users on various information security topics. All this is easily done using the admin interface.

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Portal analytics

The reporting section provides valuable insights of which user visited which page, what are the most trending topics, what are the page ranks etc. so you are in control and better plan your awareness program.

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User engagement

The success of your information security awareness program depends on user engagement. Thus we have developed the portal keeping in mind how to make it more interesting for the user by providing various features for the user to participate in the awareness program..

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Live scenario test

The best way that someone learns is when he or she is put in a situation. The portal provides real world attack scenario, which you can use to run on your users (ethically). Conduct Spear Phishing attacks, social media attack, consumer attacks, and we must mention we are crafting new attacks regularly, so you can have much in your kitty.

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Easy integration

The portal integrates seamlessly within your environment, so you don’t have to worry about user accounts and roles integrations.

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Single repository

The portal becomes a single repository for all information security related information and content. The portal provides the fundamentals to basics to advance on any topic so all levels of users are covered. We push relevant news, advisories and content on a daily basis which matter to you in your environment.

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Multiple languages

The portal supports multiple languages. Le portail prend en charge plusieurs langauges पोर्टल कई भाषाओं का समर्थन करता है । Portal birden langauges destekler El portal soporta múltiples langauges Das Portal unterstützt mehrere Sprachen zur Verfügung البوابة تدعم إلى اللغات المتعددة

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Relevance search

All searches on the portal are of relevance to the search term. This is a great feature to give the user connected topics to the search term.

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Use cases to train IT

Use our use cases to train your IT users. Identify gaps to respond to an incident and close them to arm your IT to respond to an incident confidently.

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