5 ways to protect yourself against Pharming attacks! Is your system vigilant enough?

5 ways to protect yourself against pharming attacks is your system vigilant enough

Let’s understand Ph-arming!!!

Have you ever got pranked by someone, when you asked someone about a certain address, and rather than telling you the correct path, they manipulated you into believing what they are telling you is right?

Imagine the same thing happened to you behind the screen. Pharming is simply a cyberattack formed by a mashup of two words Phishing and Farming, it involves redirecting website traffic from a legitimate website to a phony one. The purpose of such an attack is the same as that of phishing to steal your financial and personal information.

Pharming is a sophisticated kind of phishing attack and it can affect anyone regardless of the platform, ranging from Windows, Mac users, mobile users on Android and iOS should all be wary of potential pharming threats. 

Fortunately, there are a few simple yet important steps you can take to protect against pharming, so grab a seat and keep reading to learn everything you need to know about pharming harms.


How pharming walks it way?

For understanding the process, Let’s talk about IP addresses and DNS. When you enter www.tikaj.com on the search bar of the browser, the DNS server translates the domain names into IP addresses, then the browser will show www.tikaj.com.

During a pharming attack, cybercriminals discreetly manipulate these processes, sending your web traffic to a malicious website instead of the one you intended to visit (www.tikaj.com). The destination site where you reach is controlled by the hacker.

Unserstand how it penetrates into your system!

There are two primary ways in pharming attacks can happen:

Loading a Malware: As mentioned, the process of sending a domain name to a DNS server and conversion of that domain name into an IP address usually happens in a blink of an eye, the process is so quick that most of us don’t even notice. To keep away from any hang-ups when loading a page, your PC stores domain name to IP address interpretations, chopping down the time it takes to stack every site. With a malware-based pharming assault, the malware sneaks its direction onto your PC and starts altering your host’s document so the domain name of a given site focuses on a malevolent site. Some pharming malware, e.g., the Extenbro Trojan, will also impede admittance to cybersecurity sites, preventing victims from downloading software to eliminate the DNS transformer malware.

DNS spoofing: Typically, DNS poisoning pursues the organizations that run and keep up with the DNS servers that decipher human-friendly domain names into PC prepared IP addresses. As such, DNS poisoning has a much extensive base of potential victims. Your home Internet router can get poisoned too as it has a DNS cache that stores previous DNS lookups. Any device connected to your home network can allude to this reserve when attempting to interface with a website you or another person in your home has visited previously.

Need to forestall it today!

Pharming is needed to forestall soon is because they are highly dangerous because of their nature, pharming barely or very little requires actions from users to get into your system. Hence, it can only be protected when you have identified the threat. Pharming can never be completely prevented but you can definitely mitigate the risks and preserve your company’s reputation as it takes years to build it and only one cybersecurity mishap to ruin it all.

Key safeguards to follow to protect against pharming:

  1. Create a strong password for your network.
  2. Use a better DNS server, the DNS server you use is the default server provided by the Internet Service Provider, but there are many companies that claim that their DNS server is much more private and secure when compared to a default DNS server.
  3. Notice intricately about the websites, if there are any inconsistencies, stop yourself from moving.
  4. Use anti-malware software to protect against malware loading.
  5. Have a cybersecurity system that will monitor/screen out any kind of consistency and protect the reputation of your company while protecting your network.

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