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Protecting your brand reputation is crucial in today’s digital world. At TIKAJ, we offer a comprehensive range of online brand monitoring services to help you safeguard your brand from various online threats. We have one of the best brand monitoring tools in industry that help you detect threats before they damange your brand reputation.

Learn more about our online brand monitoring services and how we can help safeguard your brand from brand abuse monitoring and other online threats.

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Social Media Monitoring

Monitor your brand on over 300+ social media platforms


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Mobile Application Monitoring

Monitor your application on over 100+ markets for android, iOS , windows phone etc.

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Domain Name Monitoring

Monitor new TLD’s and alternative name for possible domain name spoofing

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Malware Monitoring

Monitor for malware targeting your brand all over the internet

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BOTS Monitoring

Monitor BOTS traffic on your website and remove the malicious bots with just a click

brand takedown service

Digital Brand Abuse Monitoring Solution

  • Brand Abuse Monitoring: We monitor for potential brand abuse, such as phishing scams or fake accounts, and take action to remove them before they cause damage.
  • Brand Monitoring Security: Our brand monitoring cyber security services include advanced threat detection and response, ensuring that your brand is protected from cyber threats.
  • Brand Reputation Management: We help you proactively manage and protect your brand reputation by identifying and addressing social media threats. 


Brand monitoring refers to the process of tracking and analyzing the online and offline references to a brand, including mentions of the brand name, products, services, and related keywords. This helps businesses to understand their brand’s reputation, customer sentiment, and competitive landscape, and to make informed decisions based on this information.

There are various ways to monitor a brand, including:

  • Setting up Google Alerts for the brand name and related keywords
  • Using social media listening to track brand mentions on social media platforms
  • Conducting searches on search engines and other platforms
  • Analyzing customer feedback and reviews on review websites and forums
  • Searching & Crawling for Darkweb 
  • Proprietary Phishing Feeds and Similar Data Sources

Brand tracking tools are software applications or online services that help businesses monitor their brand’s online and offline presence, including mentions, social media activity, and customer sentiment. Some popular brand tracking tools include Brandwatch, Hootsuite Insights, Meltwater, and Mention.  

Brand Monitoring on other hand is about security and fraud threat vectors targeting your brand.

In the context of cyber security, brand monitoring refers to the practice of tracking online references to a brand to identify potential threats or attacks, such as phishing scams or social engineering tactics. This helps businesses to protect their brand reputation and customer data by identifying and addressing security risks in a timely manner.


Digital Information Gathering

Get gathered data from deep web and other platforms on the internet for digital intelligence.


Anti Phishing

Protect your organization from abuse and spoofing with continuous monitoring against phishing


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