5 Steps to Take When a Data Breach Hits You

The majority of today’s successful businesses are well aware of common data protection concerns and place a great deal of confidence in their own efforts to avoid a breach of data security. It can be huge damage to the organization if it’s going through a security breach.  It could just be the hardest thing that […]

Managing Cyber Threats through Effective Governance

Cybersecurity governance is the mechanism by which cybersecurity risk decisions are taken and efficient systems are designed to handle the risk to a degree appropriate to the governor and legislature.  Threats to cybersecurity are an organisational challenge that is ever-present, on par with economic, legal, operational, financial, and pandemic threats. They are impacting organizations more […]

Cybersecurity In the Age Of COVID-19

The spread of the coronavirus plunged the world into turmoil, and this opportunity was easily exploited by cybercriminals. The COVID-19 crisis-related malware, scams, and phishing attacks are all on the rise, as are cyber attacks on organizations and healthcare providers. Since businesses are confronted with low revenues, forced to cut costs, the risk of closure […]

Data Security: 5 Best Practices for CISO’s

Since the pandemic, one in five organizations has faced a security breach linked to remote workers. For companies across the globe, the pandemic has created an immense challenge: to continue working despite major shutdowns of offices and other facilities. The information technology they have relied on for a long time-their data centers, cloud networks, departmental […]

OWASP TOP 10 Explained: Broken Authentication

Broken Authentication is the second most important flaw in the ranking of OWASP Top 10. Using this loophole, an attacker may take control of the device user accounts. In the worst case, they may be helped to gain full mastery of the system. The probability of broken authentication is not limited to a fixed attack […]

OWASP TOP 10 Explained: Injection

Injection attacks apply to a wide class of attack vectors that enable an attacker to supply untrusted information to a program that is interpreted by an interpreter as part of an order or demand that changes the execution of that program. Injection assaults are probably the common and most disruptive assaults on web applications. These […]

Security is not a product, but a process !

A lot of corporations are investing massive sums of money in security. But security breaches continue to happen again and again. And as long as the defence is treated as a one-off mission, it will continue to happen.  Every organisation is a priority today. Over the past ten years, the emergence of cyber threats has […]

Be prudent towards cybersecurity before its too late

Hollywood movies give us an insight as to how it is going to feel when someone puts a gun on your head and asks you for ransom. The good part is we can anticipate the reaction and prevention of any such situation. However, virtual life is significantly different from the ones we see in reel […]

Don’t let new tactics get you phished!

Evolving and progressing in life goes hand in hand. One must always make efforts to progress so life doesn’t get stagnant. However, in recent years phishers seem to have taken this mantra way too seriously; as every year they tend to come up with new tactics to phish their victims. Just with the onset of […]

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