5 ways to prevent social engineering attacks

What are Social Engineering Attacks? Social engineering attacks are referred to as psychological manipulation to trick users into making security mistakes or giving away sensitive information, i.e., a broad range of malicious activities accomplished through human interactions. Most importantly, social engineering is especially dangerous because it relies on human error, rather than vulnerabilities in software […]

Why Cyber Security Awareness Training is Important Post Covid Era?

Cyber security threats are frequent, from ransomware and phishing to identity fraud and data breaches, scams needs to be addressed. As human beings are easier to get tricked, it makes humans the weakest link when we talk about information security, having and fostering a culture of data protection, where every employee no matter the position […]

Cybersecurity Bi-weekly Roundup: Week of 9th August 2021

A bi-weekly roundup of the latest cybersecurity news and research. Halfway down the week and we’ve got you covered till the weekend on the what’s and nots in the world of cyber security. Androids and iPhones let loose cause it’s Google to the rescue!!! As Google drops Bluetooth Titan Security Keys in favor of NFC […]

Olympics – Let the security round begin!

With the Olympics rolling into its third week, victory seems to be lining up for beloved Olympians from fencing to hockey, looks like success has been paving its way and is making sure to not leave any stone unturned. Having said that, as much as we all love to see and vouch for our favorites. […]

Middle East Cyber Security concerns : 3 strategic approaches

The temporary measure became the “New Normal” in Middle East 2021 is no different than 2020, many are still staying at home and working and there has been a continuous reliance on technologies that were auxiliary before 2020. While many thought it would be a transitory course of action, this now has shifted to be […]

Cybersecurity Bi-weekly Roundup: Week of 24th July 2021

A bi-weekly roundup of the latest cybersecurity news and research. Halfway down the week and we’ve got you covered till the weekend on the what’s and nots in the world of cybersecurity. Without any further ado, let’s talk about the most talked about topic of the town – OLYMPICS. As much as we all love […]

5 Steps your e-commerce website needs today to stay secure

What is an E-commerce Website? E-Commerce websites in simple words are basically online portals that facilitate online transactions of goods and services through means of the transfer of information and funds over the Internet. In the past, e-commerce was done mostly done through phone calls/telemarketing and emails. Now, within a click’s reach any single website, […]

How to do DMARC Deployment easily in 2021?

What Is DMARC? Domain-based Message Authentication, Reporting & Conformance, or DMARC, is a protocol that uses Sender Policy Framework (SPF) and DomainKeys Identified Mail (DKIM) to determine the authenticity of an email message. It makes it easier for Internet Service Providers (ISPs) to prevent malicious email practices, such as domain spoofing, to phish recipients’ personal […]

Why am I receiving spam mail from my own domain?

Spam Mailing is a form of mischief where one abuses your email address and is only one of many techniques spammers use to throw their bugs into our mailboxes. Since the start of sends, anybody can send email to anybody all throughout the globe, in no time, at zero clear expense. Obviously what appeared to […]

What is BIMI? How it can enhance your brand protection?

With phishing, spoofing, and fraudulent emails on the rise, recipients are increasingly suspicious of messages in their inbox. It has become significant to have more security. To add one more layer of email security (and to construct brand perceivability), that is the place where BIMI bounces in with it’s all new guidelines of insurance and […]

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