SAMA CSF compliance: 4 effective domains

 According to Gartner, cybersecurity is one of the top risks to the business in the Middle East, and Saudi Arabia is the highly targeted one due to its quick adoption of effective digital practices. This is attracting significant cybersecurity concerns and financial institutions are the hotspots of these threats. Hence, to battle against the cyber […]

7 Things You Must Know About Email Security!

Your inbox is possible at the focal point of your work life. Email functions communication tool for enterprises. Nonetheless, it’s additionally an ideal objective of cybersecurity threat actors. As many as 90% of cyber attacks on organizations come from malicious emails. The following are a progression of email security best practices that can help you […]

Cybersecurity Bi-weekly Roundup: Week of 1st December

A cybersecurity bi-weekly roundup of the latest cybersecurity news and research! Halfway down the week and we’ve got you covered till the weekend about all the nitty-gritty in the world of cybersecurity! 1. GoDaddy Hacked, 1.2M Customers at Risk of Phishing Attack Breach Notification: This time the target was Go Daddy. Nearly 1.2 Mn active […]

What are insider threats? How can you prevent them?

Insider threats are users with genuine admittance to organization resources who utilize that entrance, regardless of whether noxiously or unexpectedly, to make some harm the business. Insider threats aren’t necessarily limited to just current employees, they can also be former employees, contractors or partners who have access to an organization’s systems or data.With insider threats […]

Hotlinking – Challenges and Preventions

HOTLINKING is one such technique where keyword stuffing, comment spam, and paid links are just a few internet sins committed by marketers. “As it’s a well-known fact many people aren’t at their best behavior on the internet.” This includes marketers. Known as black hat SEO, these techniques seek to game search engine algorithms in order […]

Cybersecurity Bi-weekly Roundup: Week of 14th November

A bi-weekly roundup of the latest cybersecurity news and research Halfway down the week and we’ve got you covered till the weekend about all the nitty-gritty in the world of cybersecurity! Hackers Targeted Apple Devices in Hong Kong for Widespread Attack The attackers are trying their best to break Apple’s legacy. We all know that […]

CERT – How it can help you build safe cyberspace in 2021?

Last year was tough and no matter which sector you work in or work for security was the most talked about. Well, who doesn’t want to stand out and monitor all anticipated attacks and respond to each incident as quickly as possible? Vulnerabilities are not something alien, everyone has some, so it is always advisable […]

LockBit 2.0: What you need to know!

The LockBit ransomware-as-a-service (RaaS) gang has ramped up its targeted attacks, researchers said, with attempts against organizations in Chile, Italy, Taiwan and the U.K. using version 2.0 of its malware. The malware uses the double extortion technique to compel victims into paying ransoms. Through this technique, attackers exfiltrate the victim’s data, after which they proceed to encrypt the data on the victim’s system. Data encryption is followed by the TAs demand ransom […]

Let’s Hack the Hack before it Hacks!

Regardless of whether it’s ransomware, the supply chain, or another detestable technique, cyber actors how to recognize the organization’s shaky areas, which, inevitably, reside with a company’s employees or its software. With that in mind, we want to share four strategies we’ve learned over the years and continue to recommend to our clients. By committing […]

Clone Phishing – The Replica Expert

Modern times need modern solutions but challenges rising day after day, the need for an all-rounder solution has become a must-have essential. One such problem is Clone Phishing. Clone Phishing since ages has been one of the primary issues of online scams and many campaigns. There is no field that is devoid of the threat, […]

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