About Us

TIKAJ is a technology company providing solutions and services for cyber security and enterprise governance. By offering dozens of Security Products and Security As A Service including Managed Security Operating Centre, TIKAJ helps enterprises in detection and mitigation of cyber threats.

Our R&D division PHEONIX

A motto that is the driving force at Phoenix (the independent R&D division of TIKAJ), where our team of engineers take up real world problems/challenges and try to come with practical solutions for them. At Phoenix we take pride in being associated with the development of not only cutting edge software or hardware concepts but their seamless integration and practical application in the real world. Be it the development of proof of concept or functional prototypes we have it all covered at tikLab. From software algorithm improvement and development to tapping in on the latest trends and innovation in the field of IoT, we at tikLab are proud of our diverse field of expertise and research.

Want to hear more about our work ? Drop a mail to research at tikaj, we will respond as soon as we get free !



Are You Protected By DMARC?

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