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What is takedown ?

If your trademark is being copied on the web, you may have a website takedown service remove the offending content automatically. In addition to shutting down thousands of phishing, malware, social networking, mobile app, and brand abuse sites, TIKAJ offers a full mitigation service throughout the site’s active phase to reduce the site’s impact.
As soon as TIKAJ becomes aware of fraudulent content on a site, it takes swift measures to severely restrict access to the site and eventually remove the content. We quickly block access to the site for users using broad variety of technologies, making it stand out as the best option for eliminating phishing sites.

Reduce your attack surface

Take advantage of a managed takedown service that is among the best in the industry and which can detect, analyze, and eliminate even the most pervasive of active threats across even the most obscure and tiny network providers.

We tackle threats to minimize the damage they can do


We examine incidents as they are reported using our state-of-the-art intelligence collecting system. Information gathered is utilized to aid with the removal of material and may also shed light on the potential impact of that content's removal.


With just one click, we can execute and prosecute takedowns on your behalf, regardless of the network, target type, geographic location, or protection use case. Maintain brand integrity around the clock by having verified infringing content instantly removed.


We Share threat indicators with ISPs so they may take measures to prevent access to harmful content and thwart future attacks. We might be able to retrieve any files, logs, or other information that may have been left behind by the fraudster.

Threats that we COVER

Our Platform

automated takedown platform


Phishing monitoring and takedown service typically works by using automated tools to scan the internet for potential phishing websites or emails. Once identified, the service will work to take down these sites or block these emails from reaching their intended targets. This can involve contacting the hosting provider or email service provider to request the removal of the phishing content or using legal action to shut down the sites. You can read more about it in our Anti-Phishing Service Page.

Phishing Site Takedown service includes removal of Phishing Websites, Web Pages , Domains, Social Media Posts, and Social Media Profiles

Depending on the reason for a website shutdown, its consequences might vary. Removal of infringing content, a stop and desist order, and/or monetary damages may follow a website’s suspension for copyright infringement. Websites that host unlawful material risk having their servers shut down and/or their owners facing criminal penalties. Other actions can include:

  • Reporting to blacklists (IP, URL, Network)
  • Addition to phishing blocklist networks (Google Safe Browsing, PhishTank etc.)
  • Suspension of server, user accounts, domains and blocklisting in hosting provider network.

Yes, it’s part of takedown service. This service is designed to help organizations remove phishing websites that have been created to mimic their own. You can report known phishing websites in our platform, we then take action to have the websites removed. Sometimes website takedowns can even lead to removal of domain.

You can request removal of domains that are spreading malicious content using your brand. which can lead to removal of infringing content from the internet. If the domain registration has malicious intent it usually results in suspension of the complete domain itself. 

We usually require proof of ownership, authorisation from you and other relevant details like brand names, logos, wordmark, patents, trademarks, jurisdictions, official social media accounts and official domains to effectively remove false positives while swift removing infringing content.

Yes, DMCA Takedown are part of our offerings.

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