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Reduce the consequences of cyberattacks by swiftly eliminating and blocking harmful content. Leveraging TIKAJ’s automated takedown platform, ensure a more secure digital presence, safeguard your brand reputation, and maintain the trust of your users and stakeholders.

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Boundary-less Defense: Safeguarding Against External Digital Threats and Risks

Our boundary-less defense strategy focuses on identifying, countering, and mitigating threats from all external sources, be it rogue domains, deceptive social media accounts, or pirated content. By continuously monitoring the vast expanse of the digital landscape, we provide an all-encompassing shield against external cyber threats. 

Why do I need Disruption and Takedown Services?

Disruption and takedown services are essential for mitigating cyber threats and protecting your digital assets by proactively identifying and neutralizing malicious activities. Here are few of the reasons:

Cybersecurity defense

Cybersecurity Defense

Defending against cyber threats like DDoS attacks and malware to prevent data breaches and system damage.

Brand protection

Brand Protection

Safeguard your brand’s reputation by addressing online impersonation and trademark violations.

Data breach prevention.

Data Breach Prevention.

Monitor for data leaks and breaches, preventing sensitive information from being compromised

Online fraud mitigation

Online Fraud Mitigation

detect and eliminate online fraud, including phishing sites and scams, protecting.

How can TIKAJ’s Disruption and Takedown Service help?

TIKAJ’s Disruption and Takedown Service provides proactive cyber threat detection, brand protection, intellectual property safeguarding, and data breach prevention. It helps organizations safeguard their digital assets, preserve brand reputation, secure intellectual property, and ensure compliance while saving costs through early threat mitigation.

Takedown Service

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Our Takedown Services Promise Eradicate Threats, Elevate Security

With Takedown Service, transform your organization’s security posture with clear and actionable insights. Optimize resource utilization, sharpen your team’s response strategies, and minimize vulnerabilities. By enhancing your team’s ability to neutralize online threats, you fortify your organization’s entire digital frontier.


We monitor your brand over different platforms through our AI based search, not only on surface web but also on deep web to capture phishing, trademark copyright infringement detections related to your brand. 

Analysis & Blocking

Harness the power of OSINT to pinpoint the most effective strategies for takedown, ensuring a tailored approach for every incident, while reporting the incident to Google & other feeds.


Employ our cutting-edge AI engine to swiftly and efficiently remove harmful content, safeguarding your brand’s digital reputation with precision.


After Takedown, We analyze for loops holes & take action against the network. We remain vigilant, continuously monitoring threats to ensure the threats stay neutralized and your brand remains protected.

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Threats we remediate

TIKAJ’s takedown service is adept at addressing over 70+ types of cyber attacks. From phishing websites to malicious advertisements, we provide comprehensive protection, ensuring the digital safety of your organization.

  • Deceptive Duplication: Websites cunningly designed to mirror legitimate platforms, luring users into revealing personal data.

  • Typosquatting Traps: Crafty sites capitalizing on common URL typos, redirecting unsuspecting users to malevolent destinations.

  • “Phishing” these seemingly genuine emails from reputed sources deceive users into engaging with harmful links or attachments.

  • “Smishing” techniques employ text messages, masked as valid communications, to entice users into malicious interactions.

  • “Vishing” scams involve phone calls, feigning authenticity, with the intention of duping users into sharing confidential details.

  • Ad Ambush: Malicious advertisements intermingled with legitimate ones, designed to beguile users into unintended clicks.

  • Dishonest Downloads: Malware-ridden attachments distributed through emails or social platforms, seducing users into a perilous download.

  • Strategic Site Sabotage: “Watering hole” tactics exploit popular websites, targeting frequent visitors with the aim to infest their devices with malware.

Domain name phishing attacks are a type of phishing attack where the attacker uses a fake domain name to try to trick the victim into providing sensitive information or clicking on a malicious link. The attacker may register a domain name that is very similar to a legitimate domain name, or they may use a domain name that looks identical to a legitimate domain name but with a different top-level domain (TLD). For example, an attacker could register the domain name “” when the legitimate domain name is “”.

We also cover following types of domains:

  • Subdomain
  • Compromised domains
  • Phonetically similar
  • Typosquatting domain
  • GTLD’s
  • Malicious links that are posted on social media websites and trick users into clicking on them.
  • Fake social media profiles that are created to impersonate a real person or organization.
  • Messages or posts that contain links to malicious websites or downloadables.
  • Images or videos that contain embedded links to malicious websites or downloadables.
  • Fake jobs postings 
  • Lottery Scams
  • Vouchers, Coupons, Free Product Scams 
  • Look alike products
  • Copyrighted content (DMCA Takedown) 
  • Youtube/Vimeo videos & channels 
  • Telegram groups communicating confidential information
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Frequently Asked Questions

There are No Stupid Questions, Ask Away, We’re All Ears

What is phishing takedown service?

Phishing monitoring and takedown service typically works by using automated tools to scan the internet for potential phishing websites or emails. Once identified, the service will work to take down these sites or block these emails from reaching their intended targets. This can involve contacting the hosting provider or email service provider to request the removal of the phishing content or using legal action to shut down the sites. You can read more about it in our Anti-Phishing Service Page.

Phishing Site Takedown service includes removal of Phishing Websites, Web Pages , Domains, Social Media Posts, and Social Media Profiles

Can I monitor the takedown process?

Yes, you have the ability to monitor the takedown process. We offer various insights, keeping you informed about the steps for neutralizing threats. Your active involvement ensures visibility and reassurance throughout the security measures

What are results of takedown ?

Depending on the reason for a website shutdown, its consequences might vary. Removal of infringing content, a stop and desist order, and/or monetary damages may follow a website’s suspension for copyright infringement. Websites that host unlawful material risk having their servers shut down and/or their owners facing criminal penalties. Other actions can include:

  • Reporting to blacklists (IP, URL, Network)
  • Addition to phishing blocklist networks (Google Safe Browsing, PhishTank etc.)
  • Suspension of server, user accounts, domains and blocklisting in hosting provider network.
Do you offer phishing website takedown ?

Yes, it’s part of takedown service. This service is designed to help organizations remove phishing websites that have been created to mimic their own. You can report known phishing websites in our platform, we then take action to have the websites removed. Sometimes website takedowns can even lead to removal of domain.

What is domain takedown service ?

You can request removal of domains that are spreading malicious content using your brand. which can lead to removal of infringing content from the internet. If the domain registration has malicious intent it usually results in suspension of the complete domain itself. 

What are requirements of takedown services ?

We usually require proof of ownership, authorisation from you and other relevant details like brand names, logos, wordmark, patents, trademarks, jurisdictions, official social media accounts and official domains to effectively remove false positives while swift removing infringing content.

Do you offer Automatic DMCA Takedowns Server ?

Yes, We use AI Based engine to perform Automated DMCA Takedowns along with Social Media Takedown, Copyright Infringement Takedown and even pirated content removal – all done automatically. 

How many attack types can TIKAJ's Takedown services detect, block and takedown?

TIKAJ’s Takedown services can detect, block, and takedown a broad spectrum of cyberattacks, Some of them are DDoS attacks, malware distribution, phishing, fraud, data breaches, brand impersonation, and intellectual property infringements. TIKAJ’s comprehensive approach covers various threat vectors to protect clients effectively.

Learn how we can safeguard your business, preventing breaches, eradicating fraud, and defending your brand's integrity.

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