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What are Rogue Apps ?

Rogue applications are forgeries of legitimate apps that are developed to look like the originals. The rogue apps are designed by cybercriminals to collect confidential information from users who think they are entering data into trusted applications from a well-known brand. They’re similar to phishing emails, but they’re more misleading because they look and sound like legitimate apps. Few of distribution mechanism are 

  1. Main-stream application stores like Google Play, Apple Store etc.
  2. 3rd party unsanctioned app stores 
  3. Filehosting and sharing sites 
  4. Forums and Blogs

Damage to your brand

The attackers go to all lengths of using the logo, brand color, images, hotlinks of web resources of your brand to make them look as similar as possible. It is really hard for a normal user to differentiate between the legit application and the rogue application, which makes them an easy prey for the cyber hunters.

  • Reputation Damage :  When scammer’s  scam people using your brand name, people might avoid using your brand, post reviews etc. which damages trust in your brand. Eg: e-commerce scamming
  • Financial Damage : It’s common for malicious apps to steal sensitive information (one-time passwords, credit card details, etc.) or financial resources that may otherwise benefit your business.
Brand damage

AttacK Vectors

Fake Apps

Apps looking and sounding similar to your brand in official app stores.

Malicious Stores

Apps hosted in 3rd party app stores with malware embedded

Fraudulent Apps

Use your trademark, and brand while pretending to conduct real transactions.

We monitor 150+ app stores, to detect and remove fake apps

A collection of globally located proxies we monitor official and 3rd party app stores for logo, similar sounding words, publisher names etc matching your brand – before it gets discovered by your users.

How our platform works

We provide a platform that notifies your team of new application and their threat level and allows them to request its removal. Immediate steps are taken to limit the damage as much as possible.


We crawl application stores everyday to identify infringing applications. New stores and added and results are improved using proprietary algorithms.


Defend your brand by requesting unlimited removal requests integrated in dashboard. We take care of the rest.


Get regular reports which include detection, removal requests and other key metrics to compute impact of our service.

Phishing Protection & Defense

Subscribe to Anti-phishing/anti-rogue application services from external service providers for identifying and taking down phishing website/rogue applications.

How can we help you?

Know your attack surface

We know cyber security brings hard challenges and even harder preventive concepts! But we are determined to make it accessible to every brand and organization. We would be glad to be of help in getting you step up the ladder!


There is a big difference between rogue applications and phishing. Phishing is a type of online fraud where criminals try to trick people into giving them personal information, such as credit card numbers or passwords. Rogue applications, on the other hand, are malicious software programs that are designed to steal personal information or do financial frauds. Leading to brand reputation damage.


Fake application takedown is process of removing infringing rogue applications from where it is hosted. A takedown service provider is a company that helps individuals or businesses remove content from the Internet that is infringing on their copyright or trademark.

We might offer service for free to small brands and non-profit organisation. Though we reserve the right but feel free to connect with us.


Rogue detections keep a close eye on hundreds of platforms for imposter applications that try to pass themselves off as yours, alerting you as soon as they are found.


Anti-rogue mobile app service aim to protect users from malicious or unauthorized apps by providing security scanning and analysis, identifying potential risks, and allowing users to control which apps have access to their data. This is done by regularly monitoring different platform for rogue or fake mobile apps and actively taking actions to remove them.


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