Reserve Bank of India (RBI) Cyber Security Framework

Navigating the Regulatory Compliance for a Resilient Banking Infrastructure

The Reserve Bank of India (RBI) has developed a Cyber Security Framework, outlined in circulars DCBS.CO.PCB.Cir.No.1/18.01.000/2018-19 and DoS.CO/CSITE/BC.4083/31.01.052/2019-20, to ensure the security and confidentiality of banking operations in the digital age.

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Rbi cyber security framework

What is RBI Cyber Security Framework Compliance?

The RBI Cyber Security Framework is a robust blueprint aimed at ensuring a fortified security posture for Urban Cooperative Banks (UCBs). With categorization spanning from Level I to Level IV, the framework prescribes incremental security controls, addressing the varying risk profiles and digital service offerings of UCBs.

Seamless Transition to

Level i </br> compliance

Level I

Initiate your journey towards enhanced cyber security with Level I controls as outlined in Annex I, a comprehensive checklist to kickstart your compliance process. These foundational measures include a bank-specific email domain with DMARC controls and two-factor authentication for Core Banking Solutions (CBS).

Level ii </br>compliance

Level II

Ascend to an advanced security plane by embracing Level II controls. If your UCB is a sub-member of Centralised Payment Systems and offers internet or mobile banking, achieving Level II compliance is indispensable. The additional controls encapsulate Data Loss Prevention Strategy, Anti-Phishing, and a thorough Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing (VA/PT) of critical applications.

Level iii & level iv compliance

Level III & Level IV Compliance

Propel your security framework to the pinnacle by aligning with Level III and Level IV controls if your UCB hosts its own ATM switch, has a SWIFT interface or is involved in hosting data centers. These levels infuse advanced real-time threat defense, risk-based transaction monitoring, and a structured Cyber Security Operation Center (C-SOC), orchestrating a herculean shield against cyber threats.

Abide by the RBI Guidelines on Cyber Security

The guidelines elucidated by RBI are a testimony to its foresightedness in recognizing the cyber threat landscape. The prescribed controls under this framework are envisioned to thwart potential cyber-attacks, ensuring a resilient banking operation.

Navigating the RBI Circular on Cyber Security Framework in Banks

Unveiling the essence of RBI’s circular on cyber security framework is the first stride towards fostering a secure banking ecosystem. The circular meticulously details the security controls across all levels, guiding UCBs on the path of compliance.

Acquainting yourself with the RBI cyber security framework checklist is the cornerstone for embarking on a compliance journey. We are here to guide you through each compliance level, ensuring a seamless transition to a fortified cyber security posture.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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What is the RBI Cyber Security Framework in banks?

The RBI Cyber Security Framework is a robust blueprint aimed at ensuring a fortified security posture for Urban Cooperative Banks (UCBs) in India. It prescribes incremental security controls, addressing the varying risk profiles and digital service offerings of UCBs.

What is the cyber security framework in India?

The cyber security framework in India is a set of guidelines and standards issued by various authorities, such as the RBI, the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology (MeitY), and the National Critical Information Infrastructure Protection Centre (NCIIPC), to ensure the security and confidentiality of information systems and networks in different sectors, such as banking, telecom, power, etc.

What are the RBI security guidelines?

The RBI security guidelines are a set of rules and recommendations issued by the RBI to regulate the cyber security practices of banks and other financial institutions in India. They cover aspects such as governance, risk management, incident response, audit, awareness, etc.


Step up your compliance game with the RBI Cyber Security Framework, embodying a future-ready, secure, and resilient banking operation.

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