Phishing continues to be a mainstay of online scams and phishing protection remains a constant challenge to organizations , with more brands becoming targeted with an increase in volume and levels of sophistication.

Phishing attacks are becoming smarter, and attackers are constantly evolving their techniques. Their intensified efforts tend to produce phishing results, with the perpetrators concentrating their attention on where they can get desired results bypassing security features.

TIKAJ provides end-to-end anti phishing protection  with our anti-phishing software services for identifying and taking down phishing websites/rogue applications, from monitoring & detection of phishing incidents, through to the site take-down incident response and phishing takedown of an incident. Using inhouse developed machine learning algorithms we provide best in class phishing protection by detecting, analyzing and proactively dismantling the systems and illicit services cybercriminals depend upon to carry out phishing attacks.

We approach monitoring and detection in 2 different ways.
  • 01 : Content Based Phishing Detection
  • 02 : Non Content Based Phishing Detection

Content based phishing detection approach captures social media, web sites, emails as well as DNS.

Social Media: TIKAJ monitors social media spectrum and mainstream media for the use of keywords related to your brand for cases of brand abuse and fraudulent sites/pages. It includes behavioural analysis of the pages that are similar to the original. It ensures that the impersonation of your brand is minimal and don't affect your reputation.

Websites: Websites are the main stream through which phishing is done. Our website content based detection approach includes image analysis, URL analysis as well as text analysis.

Once the analysis is done, it’s compared to the original website to show the differences and similarities between them.

Emails: Most phishing attackers point of contact is via email. Email is our first line of defense. With our advanced ML based email content based phishing detection we analyse different points to ensure that minimal amount of spam is registered in Inbox.

With non content based approach, we collect information from different sources to analyse and verify with aspects like:

  1. Domain Popularity
  2. User Website Rating
  3. Blacklist
  4. Whitelist
  5. Hashing Based

And many more..



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