We help you see attacker's perspective.

Safeguarding your enterprise shouldn’t be complex. Discover loopholes from an attacker’s viewpoint and seal them before they strike.

Hunto.ai - Unified Platform for Cyber Defense

Discern the cyber adversaries aimed at your organization and fortify your defenses. At the heart of TIKAJ’s platform is intelligence, proficiently fending off breaches, fraud, and other cyber perils.

Threat Intelligence

Comprehend threat strategies with us and neutralize attacks before inception.

Protect your brand

Safeguard Your Brand’s Reputation From Cyber Threats.

Stop Email Threats

Combat advanced email threats using DMARC+ & Other soltions

Hunto. Ai dashboard

One Platform. One Solution.

Comprehend the threat agents aiming at your organization and bolster your defenses accordingly. With intelligence at its heart, TIKAJ’s platform proficiently curbs breaches, fraud, and other cyber threats.

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Discovery completed!

25 Dark Web Mentions
6 Fake Employees
13 Fake Job Postings
57  Rogue Mobile Applications
24 Social Mentions


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Email spoofing

Email Spoofing

Stop Email Threats

Human risk management

Human Risk Management

Attack & Educate 

Brand defense

Brand Defense

Takedown Threats



Endpoint Protection


Easy to implement solutions to thwart threats and meet compliance requirements.​

Learn how we can safeguard your business, preventing breaches, eradicating fraud, and defending your brand's integrity.

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