Easy to implement solutions to thwart threats and meet compliance requirements.

The TIKAJ's Securedskills makes your users Information Security Champions.

The TIKAJ's Business Continuity Management (BCM) application enables you to execute and manage an effective business continuity and disaster recovery (DR) program. It provides a flexible, integrated, and automated platform to meet BCM needs from business continuity planning and risk assessments, to disaster tracking, and recovery action initiation and management.

Salvager is a script which is to be installed on your website to detect phishing. The script is obfuscated/minified to work in stealth mode, also as it is mixed with the main script of website such that it doesn't looks like a phishing detection script. The script is such that, if identified and removed from the website's script, the website itself will not function.

The detection of phished user happens as soon as the username and password is entered in the phished website. Alerts are received by TIKAJ Security Operations Center and Security Operations Center takes immediate action to notify the client's organization and get the phished user blocked in real time basis.

PhishGrid - Phishing Simulator delivers a complete solution to assess, train, and test employee vigilance across your enterprise. It is rich in features and offers your administrators plenty of phishing options

DMARC stands for Domain-based Message Authentication, Reporting, & Conformance. DMARC is an open email standard published in 2012 by the industry consortium to enable domain-level protection of the email channel.


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