Security Risk & Intelligence, Simplified.

Unify Your Cyber Defense Strategy –  Leveraging a Single Platform for Streamlined Security Risk and Intelligence in the Face of Ever-Evolving Cyber Threats.

Halt attacks upfront with TIKAJ's Threat Intelligence, a Unified Risk Platform enriching your defenses.

Upgrade your defense matrix with TIKAJ's Attack Surface Management, amplifying your security prowess.

Strengthen your corporate communication guard with Business Email Protection, elevating the fortitude of your email security.

Mitigate external vulnerabilities with 3rd Party Risk Protection, enhancing the security of your interconnected operations.

Neutralize imminent dangers with Threat Takedown, advancing your proactive defense strategy.



SIEM solution to provide complete protection to your organization from external threats.

Explore XDR


Educate and train your employees against external threats with real time simulation and interactive learning

Manage Human Risk


Know Delivery Challenges & Protect your domain from email spoofing attacks

Deploy DMARC+

Learn how we can safeguard your business, preventing breaches, eradicating fraud, and defending your brand's integrity.

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