Know-How : We Fought back a Spear Phishing Attack in 6 Easy Steps!

Like every phishing campaign, spear-phishing campaigns are also used to fetch and collect your sensitive information, credentials and ask you to click legitimate-looking malicious links.  Phishing is not a new term that you are hearing for the first time and with advanced and sophisticated email security tools they are no longer able to fool wary […]

CERT – How it can help you build safe cyberspace in 2021?

Last year was tough and no matter which sector you work in or work for security was the most talked about. Well, who doesn’t want to stand out and monitor all anticipated attacks and respond to each incident as quickly as possible? Vulnerabilities are not something alien, everyone has some, so it is always advisable […]

7 principles of Zero Trust Security: Break the implicit trust biases!

Internal threats are rising. Is your security up to the task? Before we move to Zero Trust Security principles, let’s take a step back and break a little stereotype of “Everything that is within our perimeter is secure and everything outside that perimeter is a threat”. Binary decisions are not great when we are dealing […]

World’s Biggest data breaches attacks 2016

No one can deny the high impact of technology and its penetration into everyone’s life with its powerful tools to ease our lives and make the world smaller, but we must not forget that it is a double edged sword. Cyber security threats are more sophisticated today than in the past, individual privacy and companies’ […]

5 Steps to Take When a Data Breach Hits You

The majority of today’s successful businesses are well aware of common data protection concerns and place a great deal of confidence in their own efforts to avoid a breach of data security. It can be huge damage to the organization if it’s going through a security breach.  It could just be the hardest thing that […]

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