Maximising Security 101: The Ultimate Guide to Secure Configuration Review

“As each organisation’s IT system is different” regardless of how it looks, any mistakes when it comes to the Installation or Configuration of Networks, Servers, and other Infrastructure can cause a ripple effect through your entire organisation. Therein security of network devices is crucial for the operations of an organization. A single compromise may result […]

What are insider threats? How can you prevent them?

Insider threats are users with genuine admittance to organization resources who utilize that entrance, regardless of whether noxiously or unexpectedly, to make some harm the business. Insider threats aren’t necessarily limited to just current employees, they can also be former employees, contractors or partners who have access to an organization’s systems or data.With insider threats […]

7 reasons to embrace DevSecOps today

What is DevSecOps? DevSecOps is…. but let’s take an instance. What if I tell you at the beginning of your driving class that no matter how wrong you drive you will not meet with an accident, won’t that make you feel more secure as security is being embedded in the beginning only. Many organizations often […]

5 Ways to Boost Mobile Device Security – Know It All!!

Mobile device security have become an increasingly vital component of many organizations’ IT infrastructure as there is a constant advancement in technology. Since, the onset of pandemic and employees moving to remote work has made mobile devices the most convenient choice for most employees to work from the comfort of home. However, regardless of how […]

Olympics – Let the security round begin!

With the Olympics rolling into its third week, victory seems to be lining up for beloved Olympians from fencing to hockey, looks like success has been paving its way and is making sure to not leave any stone unturned. Having said that, as much as we all love to see and vouch for our favorites. […]

5 Steps to Take When a Data Breach Hits You

The majority of today’s successful businesses are well aware of common data protection concerns and place a great deal of confidence in their own efforts to avoid a breach of data security. It can be huge damage to the organization if it’s going through a security breach.  It could just be the hardest thing that […]

Managing Cyber Threats through Effective Governance

Cybersecurity governance is the mechanism by which cybersecurity risk decisions are taken and efficient systems are designed to handle the risk to a degree appropriate to the governor and legislature.  Threats to cybersecurity are an organisational challenge that is ever-present, on par with economic, legal, operational, financial, and pandemic threats. They are impacting organizations more […]

Data Security: 5 Best Practices for CISO’s

Since the pandemic, one in five organizations has faced a security breach linked to remote workers. For companies across the globe, the pandemic has created an immense challenge: to continue working despite major shutdowns of offices and other facilities. The information technology they have relied on for a long time-their data centers, cloud networks, departmental […]

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