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BOTS Monitoring

To discover content on the Internet, search engines rely heavily on automated software. There are several different names of these automated software agents: spiders, crawlers, and bots.

A search engine bot finds websites and scans them by following links to web pages. Googlebot has the highest exposure, accounting for approximately 65 to 70 percent of the market share, but other search engines do have crawlers.

Why BOT Monitoring?
  • 01 : Identify Blind Spots
  • 02: Bad Bot Impacts Site Performance
  • 03: Better SEO

When accessing a website’s bot data, users may find that certain pages are generating a lot of bot traffic while others are ignored. Monitoring bot activity will help spot those ignored webpages

Online, not every bot performs positive functions. Bad bots, the mischievous spam bots like click bots, download bots, and imposter bots can adversely affect the performance of your site, skew analytics, and expose your site to vulnerability. When bots ram some pages on a website during different hours, the end-user experience is drastically reduced.
Where search engine optimisation is concerned, a well-organized site will often perform better. Site owners need to have easily accessible their most relevant content from their homepage. Bot activity analysis will help website owners identify important pages that need better internal links


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