32TB data leak from privacy focused Parler : Jan 2021


Millions of videos, images and text posts collected and saved by a hacker and a team of archivists, from microblogging social network Parler have recently leaked into the public. The dataset leaked is over 32 TB and also includes posts from the January 6 Washington D.C. coup attempt.

Parler is a microblogging social media platform allegedly claiming to be a free speech and unbiased platform for civil discourse. As of January 2021, according to Parler, the service had about 15 million total users.

Parler also was identified as the catalyst for the US Capitol riots, where people who participated in the deadly assault are suspected to have planned and coordinated the attack. 

What is leaked?

CategoryData Leak, Data Breach
Data Type Posts including videos, images and texts
PlatformParler (Microblogging Platform)
Publicly available Dataset Size32.1 TB
Video Metadata files1032525
What is leaked?

Who is affected?

The leak affects the reported 15 million users across the social media platform. 

According to the hacker, who dumped the reported 99% of the site’s data, the data dump was conducted for preserving evidence of the criminal actions. However, the leak affects all Parler users without any bias, not just those who are suspected of using the platform to ignite violence.

Though “the free speech social network” has been wiped out from the mainstream internet due to recent allegations of violence provoking posts and the subsequent cutoff from hosting service by AWS, but reportedly it might get alive in the near future. 

The intensity of the impact of the posts is evident clearly from the recent incidents of January 6 2021, the US Capitol riots, and since the data leak includes videos, messages and posts related to the coup attempt, it is already uncovering evidence and raising serious questions..


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