Appointments on hold after Malware attack targeting Hospitals systems

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Cyber attacks on hospitals have emerged as a significant cyber security risk in 2016, probably because hospitals have proven to be easy targets
A NHS trust in England shut down all of its IT systems last week including many planned operations, appointments, and diagnostic procedures after a virus compromised them last Sunday.
In a bright-red warning labelled “Major incident” on the website for Northern Lincolnshire & Goole NHS Foundation Trust, patients are warned that their appointments have been cancelled due to a virus infecting electronic systems.
The trust announced that it has “taken the decision, following expert advice, to shut down the majority of our systems so we can isolate and destroy it”.
A major incident has been called and about 35 planned operations, outpatient appointments and diagnostic procedures have been cancelled. All adult patients (over 18) should presume their appointment/procedure has been cancelled unless they are contacted. Those who turn up will be turned away.
Major trauma cases have been diverted to neighboring hospitals, as are high-risk women in labor.
Hospital management say the majority of computer systems affected by a cyber attack that led to the cancellation of many operations and outpatient appointments have been restored.
In a statement posted on the NHS’s website, said: “The majority of our electronic systems are now back up and are working. However The nature of the virus or malware has not been disclosed, but the infection comes after NHS Digital committed to expanding the range of cyber security services available to UK hospitals and clinics.
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