Do you know how they hacked your account? Part three: Vulnerabilities


In the first two parts, we focused on the user interaction that may cause infection, but sometimes it is not the user by himself is the problem, it is also the vulnerable system he is using

    1. Vulnerability
      A cyber security vulnerability is a weakness which allows an attacker to undermine your system’s data security defenses.
      A vulnerability appears at the intersection of 3 elements:
      • a system susceptibility or flaw (example: your Java software hasn’t been updated to the latest version )
      • attacker access to the flaw (example: you click on a malware-infected banner ad which delivers a download on your computer)
      • and attacker capability to exploit the flaw (example:  now the cyber criminal has a way in, through that malicious download).

        A vulnerability is just a pretense that a cyber criminal can use to launch a full scale attack on your system. He still needs the right tools for that, but they come in a large supply online and they’re cheap as well.
        The way to protect yourself against vulnerabilities is to maintain your software updated at all times.

    1. Exploit
      An exploit is a piece of software, a chunk of data, or a set of commands that takes advantage of a bug, glitch or vulnerability in order for malicious purposes.
      Exploits can cause disruptions in the behavior of computer software, hardware, or something electronic (usually computerized).

      HOW YOU CAN GET INFECTED: By using exploits, cyber criminals can gain control of your computer. After that, they can do pretty much what they want. One of the ways to protect yourself from exploits is to keep your software updated at all times

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