Difference between Phishing and Pharming

Phishing and pharming have the same aims, namely to harvest sensitive data from people. Phishing, though, tries to deceive people into doing this, while pharming uses ransomware and DNS poisoning to funnel citizens to malicious websites.

Types of Phishing

We have listed some types of phishing attacks

  • Vishing
  • Whaling
  • Spear Phishing
  • Clone Phishing

Types of Pharming

Below are some types of pharming attacks

  • Hosts file Pharming
  • Poisoned DNS servers

Difference Between phishing and pharming

Phishing is meant to capture people’s personal and financial information. Cybercriminals rely on trickery and manipulation to get users to inadvertently expose the details they like, or to force them to obey malicious links or submit malware-infected attachments. Pharming attempts to achieve the same purpose as phishing, but it does not try to deceive online users into disclosing information or visiting a malicious website. Instead, it redirects users to malicious websites automatically, even if the right IP address or domain name is entered in the address bar.
If you are patient, using script blockers, robust antivirus / antimalware applications, and anti-phishing plugins, phishing will usually be stopped. Online users can not stop pharming if the DNS servers of their ISPs become affected.


Both are a serious threat to the internet and cybersecurity in the phishing vs. pharming article. While the software has been developed and new techniques are being introduced to eliminate such crimes, when using the internet in any form, people need to be aware, alert and attentive.

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