How social media attack can ruin your business

Phishing - ther emergence of dark side of corporate world

Social media has significantly benefited up the maximum effective media platform. It allows brands and businesses to directly reach their customers at any time and any place. It has helped small agencies grow larger and faster than before.
Social media has also led to the downfall of numerous groups that, in one manner or any other, misused the advertising and marketing platform and destroyed their popularity or wasted a ton of money.

Maybe you are spending too much time on structures that your clients don’t use or now not spending sufficient time analyzing the right types of data.

  • Phishing scams

Email message claiming to come from a recognized source Ask you to verify your social account, re-entering information, or make a payment.
Case 1: A Known person has selected you to help smuggle millions out of his country. For less effort — a few simple wire transfers — you’ll get a substantial cut. What could be easier?
I bet you’re asking yourself, “Who would fall for that?” Well, tens of thousands of people do every year. That’s why Nigerian scams, known as 400+ scams, are still very popular.
Other versions might say you won a contest or have a job offer. Maybe someone wants to meet you, or you can make money for shipping some goods.


Once installed on your computer, Virus can track your all work by recording every key you press. It can use an account to send Email or other information.
Trojan Horse is undetected by the system; therefore, it is mainly used by hackers.
It can come through email, disguised in an attachment.
While playing any online video on any social media, received the pop-up regarding an update consist of a Trojan horse.


 Malicious networking sites are embedded with virus links, when entered, the virus will get downloaded automatically.
This Virus looks for loopholes, if found they attack your system.
One of the reasons why the Operating System gets updates frequently.
To prevent loopholes, one should prevent using the older version of the application and keep updating their application, if released.


I’m sure you have a Wi-Fi network at your organization or residence. Is it encrypted or protected? If you are not aware of it, then it’s probably not.
It means another person can easily enter your Wi-Fi and record your actions.
Any kind of prohibited site will be accessible, thus leading to ‘trouble’.


Any kind of data leak can expose your password and confidential data.
Avoid maintaining integrity while choosing passwords, select different passwords for every other account.


There are various metrics tied to social media when it comes to measuring your marketing.
These numbers can be helpful to the people managing your marketing efforts but they don’t always relate directly to the bottom line.
Social analytics is not a way to track the success of social media efforts for your business.
They’re a way to track the success of your social media efforts.
You need to identify key performance indicators that are specific to your business that is measured on a regular basis.

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