Phishing Takedown Services : What are they and how they work?

A dive into the historical backdrop of Phishing.

Phishing is simply digital scams happening traditionally in banks only but now they happen every day and everywhere around us, what makes phishing even more dangerous is that hackers can use the information garnered from phishing to pivot into other systems of your organization. Phishing looks extremely easy to resolve like an email, but that one single click and it creeps into your internal network. It can be anything from a simple “Hi, can you please register or click in”, to a Trojan dropper through and through.

It is a problem that will be around for the foreseeable future. Phishing attacks keep on multiplying in light of the fact that they work, and they are progressively getting more modern and better ready to stow away from recognition.

Why safeguarding has become important?

The quickening of digital change and a move to telecommuting has left old security devices and security groups playing get up to speed. Building advanced trust and decreasing dangers are basic for companies today. 

So, while working online, we’d highly recommend you to think like an attacker and find all the possible loopholes or pitfalls and plug all of them, so that there is no plug open from where the attacker can enter. So, phishing takedown services are a win-win situation for us and also for our clients.

What are Takedown Services?

Phishing takedown services come into play when someone or some business customers are receiving phishing emails and they look so legitimate, that after hours of surfing we don’t get the reason for attacks.  Your time is their money, thus it’s always a wise choice to go for a takedown solution.

The takedown services involve trying to get the phishing site shut down by digging through ISPs, hosting providers, domain registrars, law enforcement, and other authorities on their own until they get to the right person.

Sometimes, a phishing incident can’t be resolved by phishing takedown service as it may come into some other legal scenarios, but we would definitely direct you in the right direction by ascertaining what steps to take.

Hooked by phishing scams, here is what you need to do

  • If you are receiving phishing campaigns, one way around can be you will simply capture the attacker if seen easily otherwise analyze phishing, see if you can take the website down.
  • After a phishing website is detected and affirmed, promptly initiate website takedown procedures using your internal staff.
  • You need to assess the size and extent of the phishing attack.
  • Then, obtain information about the website and the ISP hosting the website.
  • Once you get information contact the ISP to request the website be removed and escalate to the ISP’s local authorities as needed.
  • You’re not done yet, you need to maintain contact with the ISP until the website is brought down and is no longer a threat to your organization.
  • You need to contact the appropriate individuals based on your organization’s escalation procedures.
  • Provide the URL of the detected phishing website(s) to ISPs and security companies. These companies use the URLs to obstruct or potentially alert their subscription-based members from gaining access to deceitful sites. Because sharing is caring
  • You need to go beyond just taking it down, you’ve to notify the suitable lawful authorities to report the wrongdoing
  • Propagating forward is significant, you need to alert your clients. The best way is to post an alarm straightforwardly on your sites with a short portrayal of the attack.
  • After all the work, never forget to create a Phishing Website Summary Report after the website is successfully taken down. This report will provide important historical evidence for investigative and analytical purposes.

Consider having a cyber security platform

If unfortunately, you end up being a victim of phishing attacks. Consulting a cyber security company will help you take the required steps timely. Having cyber security as an option will help take the pressure off your IT/Technology department.

What can we do?

We work with hosting providers, domain registrars, anti-viruses, spam filters, and other providers to deliver a high-quality service to our clients. Our service shall provide a swift and smooth response to the detection and takedown of the infringing and phishing content across the web, ensuring that you, your employees, and your customers are well protected always. To contact us, drop us a mail at [email protected]

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