Update: Rete.ai is now Hunto.ai – External Cybersecurity Solution

Rete. Ai is now hunto. Ai - external cybersecurity solution

We at Rete.ai are thrilled to announce our evolution into Hunto.ai, a transformation that is about to bring the best out of our product – like never before. It’s more than a new name – this marks our bold step into committing to next-gen cybersecurity solutions, and we’re here to tell you all about it.

Hunto.ai is our flagship unified external cybersecurity solution, which includes external attack surface management, incident response, AI-powered intelligence engines, human risk management, and DMARC reporting.

Why the change?

It feels right because Hunto.ai represents our hunger to enable you with the tools that help you see with Attacker’s Perspective. We want you to become Hunters, not just Defenders.

AI First External Cybersecurity Solution

At Hunto.ai, our transformation is deeply rooted in an ‘AI First’ philosophy. This approach is central to our new identity and how we secure your digital world.

We are all about using smart technology to make cybersecurity smarter. We are rapidly innovating with artificial intelligence solutions to analyze and learn from vast amounts of data. This allows us to spot patterns, predict potential threats, and act on them before they become a problem. It’s like having a highly intelligent guard dog that’s always on the alert but for your digital space.

What This Means for You

For our customers, this shift to Hunto.ai means getting access to a premium external cybersecurity solution. You’ll have the latest tools and insights working to protect your digital world. We’re still committed to giving you top-notch service – now with an even sharper edge.

Here’s what you need to know

  • You’ll still log in using your Rete.ai credentials.
  • You’ll enjoy the new experience without any changes to your current plan or pricing.

Staying True to Our Roots

Even with our new name, our core values haven’t changed. We’re still all about offering the best cybersecurity solutions out there. Think of Hunto.ai as the same trusted team but with some new, powerful tools in our belt.

We are grateful for the support and trust of our customers.

To learn more about what Hunto.ai can do for you, head over to our website or get in touch at [email protected].

Hunto. Ai dashboard

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