What makes domain an indispensable part of any organization?

A domain is a virtual space owned by any particular personnel or company, which helps him earn his daily bread. Giving away the only source of income simply means putting you and your loved ones on the risk of starvation. Hence, certain measures should always be taken up to protect your domain at all costs.

Understanding the basics of what a domain for company is and how it actually works is imperative before stepping into the depths of learning how to protect it. Learning about something you don’t even know what it is, stands completely pointless. The protection of everything comes at a certain price and self-responsibility and it’s more than the work assigned to perform.

Domain for company is in general, only the name given to a particular web-address owned by a particular individual or entity that serves to a certain field of work as per the requirement of end-user or the customer as the end task, in the vast network of the internet. Domains can be classified into two broad criterions i.e. Service providing and Blog & Content Creation, which is further divided into various multi-trillion sub-divisions.

To make, name, create, & maintain a domain or a particular website the very initial expense can be as low as U$D 10-15/annum depending on the provider. But not to be mistaken, this is the very basic cost inclusive of almost nothing, and should not be considered as the expected cost of maintenance. The cost of increasing traffic and clicks on your website or domain, a certain no. of SEO’s (Search Engine Optimisers), graphic designers, content writers, domain back-end & front-end managers, server maintainers, and security specialists are hired and a constant stream of maintaining the following upfront costs can range from USD 4K-12K/annum.

Few of the basic precautions a person can take are to regulate the tasks performed by the users or the personnel managing the domain, should be granted limited access only as per their needs and requirements. Certain payment gateways should be set up, and a constant check on the work performed by the personnel for security check should be performed on a regular basis. This should be done to ensure the tasks performed are under controlled and monitored circumstances, making sure the following users and managers are not being able to mould the information gathered and to prevent the domain from performing any illicit activity that may put the owner of the domain in the purview of the governmental authorities and their questionnaires.

To prevent hackers from stealing and misusing the data collected, the data should be collected on an offline server which requires physical presence for the data to be accessed. To cite examples Google, Microsoft, Go Daddy or WordPress are some common names of big players heard in the field of domain making, registering, and maintaining. These players charge for doing the very same, the data is collected and simultaneously stored offline in various servers, to protect the user’s data and make sure that maximum measures to protect the same are taken.

For an instance, take an example that you bought a domain name, “SayCheese.com” (Currently on Sale), a site owned by a photographer, wherein he designs his domain for company in a meticulously-thought manner where he books slots for his shoots, puts on freelanced photos with his copyrights, and prevents the images from directly being copied or snapped using various tools enabled by the provider. For the following services granted to him, he is charged a minimum of $8000/annum for the services rendered to him by the provider.

For better understanding let’s take another example, whereby a person opens himself a domain with the name of “Twerky Life” (Available for sale) on Youtube Inc. showing the little perks of his daily routine with his dogs and how they are born and raised. For the very same he also granted YouTube (A Google-based Company) the access to his bank account details and he gets paid for the very same. As a precaution, in case anything happens to his channel an immediate contact is made to the company and immediate action is taken by the company, blocking any suspicious or malicious activity that might later turn out to be a threat to the transactions or might have access to the banking details of the owner. If any such threat exists, the company immediately suggests the owner to cease his account for a short interval or transfer the funds to some other account. If any third party device tries to login into his account an immediate message is sent to his registered mobile number & e-mail id.

Nowadays the internet is one of the most powerful tools to which one can easily earn or lose their living. Domain hosting companies are constantly working on various programs to mitigate the occurrence of such illicit & malicious activities taking place. Sometimes the help of hackers is taken by hiring them to work and making them hack the following content and trace out the details and bugs in the software. After analyzing the shortcomings, they then build and fix to create concrete solutions to the issues which may arise out of the blue.

Nowadays the scenarios are such that, for every solution that domain hosting company finds and puts into play, a large number of hackers start studying the concept based solution to the issue and begin to find a loophole or crack in coding, hence the data is never safe and constant measures are required to be taken in a continuous manner to avoid being robbed of data or monetary funds.

The guidelines of the very same providers clearly warns the user not to respond to any call seeking your credit card number, CVV, any banking details or in any particular manner your password for your account, as the following are acts of phishing activities which may lead to corrupting your data in a manner through which the entire funds are transferred to them and then nothing that can be further done to get back the money.

In simple terms, the conclusion always stands that your safety is in your hands. Your data & confidential information should remain a secret between you and your provider so that whenever quick actions are required, they can be carried out seamlessly and your data remains as yours and yours only.

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Madhurendra is a passionate cybersecurity enthusiast with a strong interest in protecting the digital world from cyber threats. He has always been fascinated by technology and how it can be leveraged to improve our lives, but he also recognizes the potential dangers that come with increased connectivity and dependence on technology.

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