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One of the most infamous phishing techniques involves spawning of fake copies of any login page and then making the victims sign in through that page to trick the user for receiving the credentials.

This common technique of laying a phishing trap is very common and consists of about 7% of cybercrime all over the world. The newcomers in the world of the internet are more prone to fall victims to such technique, hence they require an expert methodology to help prevent such cases. This brings us to the concept of anti-phishing software.

Generally, anti-phishing software first checks the webpage which is being loaded on the web browser. If the page does not match with the database of that particular service, then the page is considered as safe and only then it is sent to the web browser to be rendered. However, the main question which arises is whether it is worth using and investing in such anti-phishing software? Just like every other thing in this world, every product, situation, etc. has two aspects: pros and cons. The important point is whether to consider it or not. Keeping a note of all the pro and cons of anti-phishing services will help you in deciding the answer to the aforementioned question. This article includes both positive and negative points and a comparison with a judgement suggestion about whether anti-phishing software is worth using or not.

People enter the world of the internet right from their teenage but nowadays children of age around 5-6 years are capable of making accounts on various websites. This initiates the risk of falling prey to phishing traps. Such users have no idea how to differentiate between fake and original pages, how this phishing work and hence they become easy victims. While loading a phishing page, the anti-phishing services, before loading the page checks whether or not the page actually belongs to the website of which it claims to be. Consider the example of Facebook. The anti-phishing software will first check if the Sign-in page actually belongs to Facebook. It also checks where the page is sending data after the user logs in. The anti-phishing software then evinces it on the screen if the page seems safe. Phishing links are also sent via emails, and such services work to check if the link in the email is actually a safe one or a phishing link.

Anti-phishing software has proved to be very effective against phishing attacks over the internet in the past couple of years. It has accounted as proof that these services actually work, but to what extent, that cannot be properly calculated. A lot of companies around the world provide anti-phishing services, and these services usually come in-built in Internet security. Companies, which manufacture anti-virus software, also manufacture internet security, which includes anti-phishing services. These internet security services work mainly by protecting users from entering into fake web pages that might steal their important information over the internet by any false means. This sure does include phishing pages.


Since this software first checks the webpage, it makes loading each and every webpage slower. Sometimes it is also possible that these services mistakenly mark a safe page as a threat. If a user is doing internet banking, it might be possible that the user might get stuck in a mishap. The fund transfer procedure might be accidentally considered as an illegal operation carried out to steal money via internet banking. In such case the transaction may never complete, however, such incidents are almost none and hence it should not be a point to actually worry about.

However, many times other webpages can also be misunderstood as a phishing page. In such a case, if the user is sure that it is safe to proceed, then that page can be marked as safe. Many times if a user proceeds in an unsafe environment on the internet, then the anti-virus installed in the computer blocks any attempts to spread the virus incoming from the internet. Hence, it is suggested to have an anti-virus system along with an anti-phishing service (can be internet security).


Since the advantages are really impressive and the disadvantages are something, which can be taken care of, it is advised to use anti-phishing services, as it provides great security throughout the internet session. The negative points of these services can be tackled easily. Investing a small amount of money in such services can save a lot more than you can think of as problems do not knock the door before coming, and these services can easily protect without any effort from the user’s side. The services are made in such a way that it works in the background and does not make the user feel disturbed during any transaction carried out on the internet.


Until now, these services have shown only positive results and not even a single case has come to light where such service has created problems to the user in the entire world. If a user is using a computer system, then it is not difficult for it to maintain an anti-phishing service, as it does not cost much and makes a user go tension free from almost all cyber-attacks with this effective service in hand.

Madhurendra is a passionate cybersecurity enthusiast with a strong interest in protecting the digital world from cyber threats. He has always been fascinated by technology and how it can be leveraged to improve our lives, but he also recognizes the potential dangers that come with increased connectivity and dependence on technology.

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