What are Phishing Emails and its types?

Smap email

Email Phishing, also referred to as junk email, is unsolicited messages sent in bulk by email. Spamming of Email refers to the action of distributing unsolicited messages, optionally sent in bulk, using email. These Emails are propagated by the attackers for simple marketing purposes to unfold more malicious activities such as financial disruption and reputational damage.

According to this report FBI received 15,690 email compromise complaints with adjusted losses of over $675 million in 2017.

Types of Phishing attack


Email Phishing is one of the most common ways of carrying out spam attacks on senders, and achieved through manipulating data. The aim is to fashion the message in such a way so that it appears to have been sent from someone  or somewhere, often known to user, other than the actual source. Spammers also tamper with the domain, so that it seems the mail has originated from some known domain. This indicates spoofing may occur in data.


Spear Phishing is a form of general email phishing family, in 
that it deceives with legitimate looking messages. A phishing scam may optionally provide a link to a bogus website where the end-user is required to enter sensitive financial and personal information.
Such type of spear phishing can also contain attachment which can carry malicious malwares. The spam in case of Spear Phishing is crafted using personal information about the user, often gathered though social engineering methods, and sent from, what appears to be,a trusted source.


Whaling is a phishing attack variation. The attack is often directed in this form towards a company’s high-level officials. The impersonating web page / email will take a more serious executive-level form in the case of whaling or ‘ CEO Fraud Attack’ . The content will be produced primarily targeting an upper management or a senior executive who has some high-level clearance within the organization and is almost always either an urgent executive issue that affects the entire company or a consumer grievance.

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