Your Ultimate Guide to Secure configuration REVIEW

Secure Configuration Review Checklist

Cloud security configuration review is process of examining and assessing an organization’s cloud infrastructure like AWS, Azure etc. to ensure that it is configured securely and meets regulatory requirements. 

What’s Inside:

  • Identity and Access Management

    • User Access Controls
    • Privileged Account Management
    • Multi-Factor Authentication Implementation
  • Network Configuration

    • Firewall and Security Groups Settings
    • Virtual Private Network (VPN) Setup
    • Public and Private Network Segmentation
  • Data Encryption and Protection

    • Data at Rest Encryption
    • Data in Transit Encryption
    • Key Management Practices
  • Compliance and Regulatory Standards

    • Understanding Compliance Requirements
    • Mapping Standards to Cloud Configurations
  • Logging and Monitoring

    • Activity Log Setup
    • Real-Time Monitoring Strategies
    • Incident Response and Notification
  • Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity

    • Backup Procedures
    • Disaster Recovery Plans
    • Business Continuity Strategies
Learn more about Secure Configuration Review here.
Secure configuration review checklist

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