Code Review

Code review is probably the single-most effective technique for identifying security flaws. When used together with automated tools and manual penetration testing, code review can significantly increase the cost effectiveness of an application security verification effort.

Security vulnerabilities and performance issues can be catastrophic for organizations and their users, often caused by openings in weak code. Applications and programs can contain vulnerabilities that can assist attackers in extracting sensitive information which may result in loss of intellectual property & protected information. Source Code review helps ensure that security measures are applied. It also checks for design defects and discovers hidden bugs in any program or application.

Our Approach

Includes gathering general project details such as the frameworks and technologies used, the number of lines of code, the list of key features to be checked.

Includes information about the main code metrics and their reviews provided by our code reviewers team.

Includes information about the architecture of the solution to understand the mechanism of core, modules and architecture.

Includes  all the issues of different categories with their detailed descriptions. All the issues are categorized as either recommended to fix issues or critical ones. It also includes the information about  other problems as well like hardcoded values, unused methods, and variables, too complex or big methods, etc.

And the last point is Recommendations, which generally include the explanation of recommended fixes and improvements, a recommended sequence of changes in a detailed in depth report.

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