Evade Cyber Threats with Our Anti-Phishing and Anti-Rogue Services

In a digital world where authenticity is crucial, safeguarding your brand against malicious impersonation is paramount. Our comprehensive Anti-Phishing and Anti-Rogue application Services are meticulously designed to fortify your brand’s digital presence against deceptive phishing attempts and rogue applications.

What is Anti-Phishing and Anti-Rogue Application Service?

The Anti-Phishing and Anti-Rogue Application Service is a two-fold protective shield for banks and brands navigating the digital landscape. 

The Anti-Phishing aspect focuses on identifying and halting deceptive attempts aimed at impersonating your organization to trick individuals into divulging confidential information. 

While, the Anti-Rogue Application aspect is dedicated to detecting and eliminating counterfeit apps posing as legitimate ones, thereby preventing the misguidance and misuse of your customers’ data. 

Collectively, these services act as a robust safeguard, enhancing the online or external cybersecurity and authenticity of your brand and its audience.


Anti-Phishing Services: Your Shield Against Deception

Our Anti-Phishing Services offer a robust defense mechanism against phishing threats. Utilizing AI and machine learning, we swiftly identify phishing links, websites, and posts across various channels including email, social media, and malicious domains. Our services encompass:

Real-time Monitoring

Continuous vigilance over various platforms to detect phishing attempts mimicking your brand.

Prompt Takedown

Employing an AI-powered takedown engine, ensuring rapid dismantling of identified phishing threats.

Brand Monitoring

Protecting your brand reputation by tracking, analyzing, and safeguarding against phishing attacks in real-time across the dark, deep, and surface web.

Anti-Rogue Services: Weapon to Combat Rogue Applications

Rogue applications are malicious replicas of legitimate apps, designed to mislead users and harvest confidential information. Our Anti-Rogue services provide a fortress against such fraudulent applications through:

Comprehensive app store monitoring

Comprehensive App Store Monitoring

With a surveillance network over 150+ app stores, we detect and eliminate fake apps before they reach your users.

Immediate threat notification and takedown

Immediate Threat Notification and Takedown

Our platform promptly notifies your team about rogue applications, allowing for quick removal requests to minimize damage.

In-depth reporting

In-depth Reporting

Regular reports including detection, removal requests, and other key metrics to evaluate the impact and effectiveness of our services.

Why is External Cybersecurity Essential?

In today’s world, we all interact online. But while we’re doing business or chatting with friends, there are sneaky attackers out there looking to cause trouble. They don’t stop at the front door of your organization; they roam around in the wider online world where your customers hang out too. This is where our Anti-Phishing and Anti-Rogue Services step in. Think of them as your friendly neighborhood watch, keeping an eye out for any suspicious activity in your online neighborhood. They don’t wait for trouble to knock on your door; they patrol the larger area to keep troublemakers away, making sure your brand and customers can interact safely.


Subscribe and Achieve 360-degree Protection

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Investing in our service isn’t just a solution; it’s a comprehensive strategy aimed at fortifying your digital presence. With a subscription to our Anti-Phishing and Anti-Rogue Services, you gain 360-degree protection through a suite of complementary services meticulously tailored to safeguard every aspect of your digital identity. Our services are not merely about addressing the present; they are about preparing and fortifying for the future. 

Here’s what you get:

Cyber Threat Monitoring

 – Phish feed, social media, and mobile platform monitoring for real-time threat detection.

 – Domain name and dark web monitoring for any mentions or misuse of your brand.

 – Executive Leaked Credential monitoring service to safeguard executive email addresses.

External Attack Surface Monitoring

 – Infrastructure monitoring to identify and mitigate external vulnerabilities.

Incident Management

Phishing incident takedowns to promptly neutralize threats.

Trademark/Copyright infringement incident takedowns to protect your intellectual property.

Quick Priority Takedown service ensures actions are taken promptly, minimizing potential damage.

Meet Reserve Bank of India (RBI) Guidelines

Adherence to regulatory standards is not just about compliance; it’s about showcasing a commitment to maintaining a secure and trustworthy operational ecosystem. Our Anti-Phishing and Anti-Rogue Services are meticulously designed to align with the Comprehensive Cyber Security Framework set forth by the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) for Primary (Urban) Cooperative Banks (UCBs) – embodying a graded approach towards cybersecurity.

Download RBI Cyber Security Framework Checklist

We have curated the complete checklist to help you achive this compliance.

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