Investing in consumer credit on a scale previously was only accessible by banks. Fixange has opened the doors of this asset class to investors at retail and institutional level. The P2P process allows people looking to borrow to apply for loans, and carefully screen their applications. As an lender, you can spread the money in installments through various loans, and collect payments monthly

Fixange is a NBFC peer-to-peer lending platform software. We create a bridge between borrowers and investors in a conducting environment.

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Fixange seeks to transform the personal loan industry by developing a digital platform for all borrowers with legitimate profiles and offering access to different risk appetites, both individual and institutional investors.

Fixange is aimed at helping investors and borrowers interact directly with each other in the most transparent, convenient and efficient manner, without any hidden charges

Fixange provides an all-in -one solution that helps you boost the organization and serve their customers in a better way.

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