Types of Injection Attacks | OWASP Top 10

What is an Injection Attack? Injection attacks apply to a wide class of attack vectors that enable an attacker to supply untrusted information to a program that is interpreted by an interpreter as part of an order or demand that changes the execution of that program. Injection assaults are probably the common and most disruptive […]

Save yourself from falling into the Phishing Trap

What is Phishing? Phishing is a fraudulent attempt of getting personal and sensitive information like passwords, pin codes, debit, and credit card details by cloning oneself as a trustable entity.It is a process that is actually the same as fishing. In “Fishing”, a fisherman makes TRAPs for fishes to get trapped and here Dodgers prepare […]

SIEM Solution and Features

What is SIEM? Security information and Event Management (SIEM) is a combination of System Information Management (SIM) and System Event Management (SEM) which provides real-time analysis of security alerts.

Don’t let new tactics get you phished

You received a new text message! With the advent of the new decade; the phishers are here, yet again with a new tactic to make you their prey.The New tactic came under scrutiny by cybersecurity experts later in the month of January, when computer expert Terence Eden’s wife received a new and slightly-off text message.

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