Five Anti-Phishing practices to be implemented in your organisation.

Anti phishing

Implementation of a successful security strategy for business is an imperturbable engagement and you can’t ignore it, as data is a valuable asset it necessitates security.

Question: Where we should start building walls for ultimate security?
Answer: Simple, kick-start with your people.

Don’t ever underestimate the training of your people in the organization as they are the prime targets for the phishing attackers.

Employees can make or break the company in case of phishing attacks but if they are trained they can tackle the attacks to much extent.

While the software has it’s own place, but that will be of no use if the people will be tricked down.

Let’s consider a situation suppose you have a home with high-end security and there are kids and adults residing in the home, the security will be of no use if someone knocks on the door and pretends to be a police officer or a known person and someone opens the door. In that case, all that security will amount to nothing more than a lot of money down the drain.

So, keeping that in mind lets discuss the best practices that can be passed on to your people to ensure that they become a part of your defense strategy against these type of attacks. These tactics are useful and can be applied by private individuals too.

1. Educate them how threats look like

This is the necessary and central building block for implementing a security strategy for the company. Most of your people must have heard about the Phishing attacks but, how to identify those attacks is a completely different story.

So, constantly educating people about different types of phishing attacks should be the part of your security strategy, it will make easier for your employees to identify if they encountered any.

People become complacent and put their guards down which makes the attack successful.

2. Pay attention to sender details when asking for sensitive information

It is uncommon that organizations are asking to share sensitive data among employees and it’s unbelievable that they will ask to do this on email. This is the prime reason that companies keep their sensitive data in a secured folder with appropriate password protection.

Stay alert and check the sender details twice if the details seem to be authentic then also call your senior or co-worker to confirm whether they requested it or not. Phishing is often done to gain access to user and password details so that attackers can send more emails from that person email id in search of the data they want.

So, keep in mind that a simple phone call can prevent phishing plots and from more damage.

3. Keep an eye on the shared URL

People take URL for granted and assume that the URL is authentic because it seems to be familiar but there is a catch don’t forget about the hyperlink capabilities. The scam artist designs the URL and knows where it is leading you to extract information.

Simply hover the cursor over the link and try to see where it is leading you. But usually people don’t do that, they think what they are seeing is they will be taken to that particular website.

4. Act smart and stay calm

A simple psychological trick, attackers create a sense of extreme urgency that pushes people to take sudden actions. They pretend to be from the companies IT department and ask the people to change their passwords or user credentials urgently. At the time people will follow it blindly and do what’s asked. It will only take an extra second to confirm from your colleague or senior member.

To further protect your company from these attacks, establish processes and policies that can educate and help people in case they face a similar situation

5. Having a Protocol for reporting Phishing attacks will help

If your people receive a Phishing email (or they feel or think they do) they can report the incident to someone. Rest of the company will be notified and raised on a high alert.

It’s a great idea to keep an eye on the whole problem so that you can regularly send email examples to your people related to your industry sector.

6. Invest in Anti-Phishing solution

The best way to get a defend phishing threats is mitigation of external and internal phishing threats, TIKAJ offers Anti-Phishing Services and Mitigation Solution which can help in keeping your organization safe from new threats and attacks.

Stay alert and stay safe!

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