How to protect against Phishing attacks?

Phishing attacks has increased over the years to such an extent that the statistics related to this matter are quite sobering. It is now estimated that more than 1 percent of all emails sent worldwide are phishing attacks, while 4 percent of branded emails are actually phishing attempts.
In the last five years over $12 billion in damages are related to email phishing scams. Organizations are trying different methods to avoid these scams. There is no To-Do tutorial as such for completely vanishing phishing risk from your environment, rather a concerted phishing protection policy should be built to eliminate this dangerous aspect of the modern Internet.

Tips to avoid Phishing

These are several tips which are inspired by to avoid phishing scams:

Be Vigilant

When dealing with phishing attacks the key is simply to be sensible and vigilant at all times. You cannot afford to let your arsenal down, regardless of whether you’re using email or web surfing.
Never click on the links, download files, or open any email attachments without confirming their authenticity. Be aware that legitimate organizations have strict policies and will never request sensitive information via email.

Train Employees

Any organization is only as strong as its weakest employee, so it is necessary to train and educate staff regarding phishing. This training really needs to be delivered on an ongoing basis as well, and they should be educated with different methods for maximum reach.
Use Phishing Simulation service like PhishGrid to train and educate users regarding phishing attacks and attempts.

Avoid Shortened Links

Everyone has seen great offers/links on different social media platforms and some of them are useful. Avoid these type of links unless you’re sure about its authenticity.

Phishing Techniques

Attackers use different phishing techniques to target their victims. Their is a sense of urgency and something that needs to be done with the utmost priority.

Use Secure Browsing

By using a secure website, indicated by https:// and a security ‘lock’, you will massively reduce the chances that you can be subjected to phishing attacks.

Verify Site Security

Whenever you’re entering sensitive financial information, or any form of private data, it is essential to verify the security of the site to which you are submitting it.

Checking the security certificate of the site can often be an excellent way of establishing whether a particular website contains malicious files.

Update Your Browser

Attackers take advantage of exploits in commonly used applications and services. Weaknesses in web browsers are in particular is a great way for online phishing.It is utmost important to update your browser regularly on a regular basis.

Use Anti Phishing Solutions

TIKAJ provides an end-to end Anti-Phishing Solutions, from monitoring & detection of phishing incidents, through to the site take-down incident response and take-down of an incident. Using inhouse developed machine learning algorithms we detect, analyze and proactively dismantle the systems and illicit services cybercriminals depend upon to carry out phishing attacks.

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