phishing: Why is the Security awareness program necessary?

Training in security awareness is a way to educate employees about the dangers of phishing or other online scams and should be a required component of any organization. By putting security basics into practice, around 80 percent of cyber breaches can be prevented.

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Here are some reasons why it is important

Training reduces error

A recent study has shown that 80% of the breaches were triggered by the carelessness of the worker. If a system is introduced to warn them about common scams, such as phishing emails, they are far less likely to click on any random link.

Training enhances security

The organization itself becomes less exposed to diligent workers utilizing strong passwords, flagging fraudulent messages, and alerting superiors of irregular correspondence or behavior.

Protect Assets

Not only is a security breach detrimental to the credibility of a business, but it is also a big financial impact. According to the Data Breach Cost report by IBM Ponemon 2017, the average loss was $3.62M. To keep those dollars and protect your assets, it’s best to invest in training from the start.

Prevent Downtime

This takes considerable time to investigate and restore if a leak or accident happens. It’s precious time for your workers to get back up and running. This will probably wreck the workflows and deadlines. Downtime will cause severe damage, even for just a few hours.

Will have a calm mind

Having a strong security policy in tandem with education in privacy sensitivity ensures less worried. You’re going to be able to rest more, and maybe even get a good night’s sleep, realizing everyone’s on the same page.

Training leads to ethics

Scams are becoming increasingly sophisticated and many employees are embarrassed to know little about safety or what to do to stay safe. A training program for security awareness can educate everyone discreetly and retaining employees along the way.

A skilled workforce improves enforcement

As cybercrime threatens to wreak havoc, data protection laws remain in place. Although some are mandatory, failure to have adequate safeguards can result in litigation and/or fines.

Safety training can help protect the reputation of a company

A breach of security can destroy your brand’s trust, causing consumers or customers to flee in droves. One study shows that 60% of small businesses are undergoing a successful attack within six months.

Use security awareness services like Phishgrid and get started with a security awareness program and secure your environment.

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