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Have you ever wondered where stolen information goes? Look no further than the data leak forums. These online centers are where hackers, crooks, and data dealers come together to exchange important information. In this article, we’ll look at the top five data leak forums, illustrating how easily sensitive data may wind up in the wrong hands. Join us as we investigate the shadowy realm of digital information trafficking.

Hacker forums are the most popular and widely used channels for hackers to share hacking resources. Hackers utilize these message boards to submit posts inside threads of discussions on hacking tools, strategies, and harmful source code.

So, What is Data Leak Forums?

Data leak forums are websites where users trade stolen information. This includes usernames, passwords, credit card details, and even private company information. These forums function as online secret markets where hackers and criminals sell stolen goods. They’re buried in difficult-to-find locations, making it easier for them to avoid detection.

Now let us take a look into the latest top 4 best data leak forums which are acting as hubs for hackers and criminals to sell stolen goods such as usernames, passwords, credit card details, and even private company information.

Xss. Is 4

Launched: in 2013, relaunched in September 2018
Main language: 

XSS has been active since at least November 2004, making it the longest-running dark web forum and data leak forum on this list, albeit it was previously known as DaMaGeLaB. XSS, like Exploit, is heavily business-oriented, featuring sections on hacking, corporate access, database dumps, and even competitive intelligence. XSS also serves as a significant recruitment and public relations strategy for Ransomware-as-a-Service (RaaS) schemes.

Xss. Is

The site rebranded from DaMaGeLaB to XSS around 2018, potentially due to the arrest of one of its administrators a year prior for their involvement in operating the Andromeda botnet.

2. BreachForums
Xss. Is 3

Launched: March 2022
Main language: English

BreachForums was founded in the month of March 2022 as the successor to RaidForums, which was seized in the early 2022 operation “TOURNIQUET”, a complicated law enforcement effort coordinated by Europol that resulted in the arrest of the forum’s administrator and two collaborators.

Image 7

BreachForums, like its forerunner, concentrated on trading leaked datasets and other forms of cybercrime, with users sharing exploits, advice, and tools. BreachForums, like its predecessor, promptly ran into issues with the authorities.

The latest edition of BreachForums has resumed its status as the leading site for leaked database trade, as indicated by the forum’s largest number of active users.


Launched: 2015
Main language: 
English, a hacker forum with the tagline “Expect the unexpected,”. Its material includes cracked programs, database dumps, stolen accounts, hacking tools and vulnerabilities, and hacking lessons, which are updated on a daily basis.

It gained global attention after it was hacked in 2016 and its databases, which contained PayPal email addresses, emails from government domains, passwords, purchase records, and invoices, were compromised. Law enforcement used the breach to seek down hackers and cybercriminals who had registered on Nulled, but Nulled repelled the onslaught. Nulled is one of the most well-known forums for illicit content, including leaks, pen testing, and money-making scams.


Nulled is one of the largest known forums for various types of illicit content, ranging from leaks to pen-testing and money-making scams.


Launched: April 2013
Main language: 

Cracked is a well-known and prominent hacker forum with over 3 million members and over 17 million posts. The topics are divided into categories about cracking, hacking, coding, leaks, stolen and false money, and markets for illicit products including malware and vulnerabilities for sale.

Image 8 1

The top four data leak forums highlighted in this discussion serve as stark reminders of the pervasive nature of data breaches and the alarming ease with which sensitive data can be bought, sold, and traded.

The availability of data leak forums is a frightening fact in today’s digital world. Despite efforts to improve cybersecurity, these underground marketplaces exist, providing a profitable venue for thieves to exploit stolen data.

Lichumon is an enthusiastic SOC Analyst with a keen interest in exploring the complexities of the dark web and human risk factors in cybersecurity. Despite being early in his career, his eagerness to learn and adapt sets him apart. Balancing vigilance and curiosity, Lichumon navigates the ever-evolving cyber threat landscape with a sense of determination and commitment to continuous learning.

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