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Mobile Application Monitoring

An increasing number of companies are providing their customers with ease of use
mobile applications (Apps), including financial institutions for users to access their
online accounts. Mobile Apps are available from trusted Apps stores (such as Apple
iTunes Store), not so trusted marketplaces, and from general websites on the internet.
Criminals are turning to the mobile space producing mobile malware and fake or
rogue mobile Apps. This can result in hijacked sessions, taking control of the mobile
device, or man in the middle attacks.

Rogue mobile applications often rely on recognized brands to entice mobile users into installing them. In some cases, rogue mobile applications exploit trust in popular brands to serve advertisements and profit from the victim brands. Rogue mobile applications are also used to steal account data and carry out online transaction Fraud.

A rogue mobile App for online accounts could simply allow the hacker to sit in the middle of the session, with the ability to divert funds for the user’s online account. Any online account App available from a non-authorized source should be considering malicious and treated as such.

Attackers try to exploit the vulnerabilities in your mobile applications and launch applications on third party app stores forging to be your mobile application.

TIKAJ scans a wide range of third party application stores for all available platforms and automatically detects any mirroring and suspicious application, analyzes the source code and compares with the legit mobile application to find any degree of discrepancies. Once any discrepancies are discovered, incidents are raised and our SOC analyst dig through the tool findings to gather the intel and initiate prompt takedowns.

Our mobile applications monitoring service includes:
  • 100+ Application Platform

    100+ application platforms are monitored every day for both iOS and Android Applications Stores.

  • 24 X 7 X 365 Security Incidents and Threats Monitoring

    The combination of the automated analysis and human verification reduces false positives, ensuring that clients are only notified about real security events.

  • Detection

    Based on Use Case Library and external Threat Intelligence Feeds.

  • Analysis

    Heuristic, statistical, threshold, and time-based analysis.

  • Correlate

    Source, destination, user, asset and social page interaction correlation.

  • Classify

    Maximum security value and context extracted from log sources.

  • Incident response and management

    Prioritized, validated incidents escalated based on client needs.

  • Client Portal

    The access to and use of the portal, which is made available to the customer for use during the term.

  • Detection Platform

    Our ML based detection algorithm monitors and analyze behavioral change in application across platforms



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